VoipSMS 2.3.0

Send SMS messages using your VOIP account


  • Saves you money off your bill
  • Very simple to set up


  • No support for Skype

Not bad

If you love to send lots of text messages but hate the fact that doing so means you get an enormous phone bill, then listen up. VoipSMS is a small, yet handy application that gives you the ability to use your VOIP account to send SMS messages, but maybe you guessed that from its name, right?

The software itself is compatible with IP telephony services offered by VoipBuster, VoipRaider and VoipStunt. Unfortunately there's no support for the most popular of the VOIP services, Skype though.

To assign VoipSMS to your account, you just enter a link on the login page to the relevant service provider, along with your username and password.

Automatically, all mail sent from the app will be charged to this account, saving you precious cash.

Depending on the current payment plan you have for your mobile, VoipSMS could shave quite a bit off your bill.

VoipSMS is a small application that allows you to send messages from a wizard using your VOIP account. The program is compatible with VoipBuster, VoipRaider and VoipStunt.



VoipSMS 2.3.0

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